Sometimes you have to laugh

By now you’ve probably heard that the Digital Television Transition has been delayed until June 12th. Some stations are opting to make the switch as planned on February 17th, some before June 12 and some on the final day. As you can imagine, this is creating a few headaches in an already complicated issue. A colleague from South Dakota sent this to me and I have to admit, it’s pretty funny. So here’s a  little DTV humor for you…


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  1. Chris Johnston Says:

    Funny video.. What is even more humorous???

    #1 Tower leases were purposely terminated by broadcasters years ago ending in the month February 2009 due to the GOV requirement of ending the analog signal. So delaying the forced digital switch is impossible since planning started years go for many broadcasters. Too bad the feds never thought that companies would be proactive on their leases and tower space management.

    #2 I know from 1st hand experience some viewers they will no longer get as many channels unless they count pennies for a new type of antenna or move.

    A picture of static and sound has more value to communication than that of a black or still pixelated picture with no sound. Questionably is the ‘perfection’ of digital good enough in emergency EAS situations??

  2. JC haze Says:

    Thanks for posting this. I really really DID LOL.
    In these times, we can all use a daily laugh like this!

    Hope your ’09 is better than we expect!


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