Social media spill-over

Years ago, and we’re talking five years ago, when a controversial morning show did something controversial you could count on hearing it by phone, mail or even in print but the situation would go away fairly quickly. Today, however, the “internet is forever” generation has a longer memory.

When Minnesota’s KDWB’s Dave Ryan in the Morning Show wrote lyrics to poke fun of the Hmong population (an Asian ethnic group) AT&T and HealthPartners pulled their advertising.  Not terribly unusual.  What is unusual is that the spillover to the show’s various Facebook pages may cause new advertisers pause when looking to do business with the CHR station.

A similar situation reared its ugly head in Boston yesterday as Jay Severin was shown the door after 11 years with Greater Media.  The negatives (bad press, loss of advertising dollars) finally outweighed the positive.

Just like you might research a potential new hire to your sales department across social media outlets, a local advertiser may research your station.  If “Joe’s Doughnuts” sees a page full of negative comments and offended listeners, maybe they reconsider spending their money with you?

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  1. Brian Henchey Says:

    The problem with Severin’s firing, however, was that he had A LOT of precedent. That is, he made virtually identical comments many, MANY times over the 11 years he was with 96.9 WTKK-FM.

    So for some listeners to all of a sudden feel upset by hearing those comments is, well, surprising…

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